9 Fashion Tips for Ladies – Improve your Style Instantly!

Women’s fashion has always offered a wide variety of options from clothing, shoes, accessories to handbags. It can therefore be a real challenge to pick one that fits you best. 

You may wonder if there are any secrets, guidelines, or fashion tips for ladies worth following? Yes, there are! Some women know how to appear effortlessly stylish no matter what accessories or clothing they wear. The secret of these women is that they have mastered the true art of elevating their fashion sense. You can too!

Because we are committed to helping you remain gorgeous, the Accessorite team took the time to compile these nine fashion tips so women can improve their style instantly!

1. Know Your Body Shape

Knowing your body shape is key to finding the perfect outfit. Are you apple, rectangle, hourglass, or pear-shaped? Build your closet with pieces that bring out your shape and finest features. 

Set of five different types of female figures - hourglass, apple, pear, rectangle, inverted triangle.
Five different types of female body shapes

2. Invest in Quality Over Quantity

Always go for quality over quantity, whether you prefer to shop online or in person. You may not be aware, but quality actually costs less in the long run. Ever heard of the cost-per-wear methodology?

Cost per wear is calculated by dividing the product’s price by the anticipated number of wears. But how do you tell whether a product is good? Easy! Ask yourself this question anytime you go shopping: How sustainable is this brand or item?

What does my ROI look like, and what is the cost per wear? How long would the original quality of a piece like this last? If all this sounds too confusing, we recommend you stick with popular and high-quality brands.

3. Get a Good Tailor

While Nigerian tailors are not exactly known for their reliability, a good one has all it takes to enhance your style. Agreed, a quality tailor does not come cheap. However, you’ll soon realise that the extra cost is worth it.

Whether it’s a dress or pair of jeans you want to alter or a new outfit, nothing beats a piece of clothing that is precisely fitted to you. If you have a lot of old clothes that are still wearable, you can tell your tailor to replace the old buttons with something recent. Doing this gives the cloth an uplift you would not get anywhere else. 

Two black African Zimbabwean ladies wearing coronavirus face masks working in a textile factory on the sewing line using sewing machines, measuring tapes and scissors to stitch lining in African styled patterned fabric garment
Nigerian Tailors at work

4. Become an Expert in Monochromatic Styling

Another fashion tip for ladies to look stunning is monochromatic styling. If you prefer to look good in something simple, then master the art of monochromatic styling. Black is the easiest colour to nail when creating monochromatic looks. However, things may get pretty tricky once you start experimenting with light neutrals or bright colours.

While you might think that monochromatic ensembles require less effort to put together, you need to explore to discover the right texture combinations, proportions, and accessories for your unique style.

Once you have figured out what works for you, you can start shopping for clothing and accessories that match the items in your wardrobe. Just watch how your royal style comes alive.

a fashion tip for ladies is the monochromatic style
Monochromatic Dressing Example

5. Balance Your Top and Bottom

Striking the right balance is crucial to creating a captivating look. Therefore, create outfits where the top and bottom go together. If you’re wearing tight pants, complement them with a loose shirt. Also, if you’re wearing a full skirt or wide-leg pants, consider pairing it with a cropped or fitted top.

6. Don’t Forget to Accessorise

You cannot go wrong with accessories. Accessories are like the final piece of the puzzle. Adding accessories to your outfit should be the final step to creating a stunning look. Accessories, in a nutshell, are what make an ensemble pop. Looks are made or broken by accessories. 

Every accessory you wear, no matter how daring or delicate, tells a unique story. Accessorise your outfits with items that reflect your style and personality. With all that said, buy stylish bags, hats, shoes, glasses, watches, and jewellery. Something as simple as a glass or necklace boosts your look from good to great.

woman in yellow with accessories
Accessories complete any woman’s look


7. Show Just the Right Amount of Skin

A gorgeous evening outfit must reveal just the right amount of skin. You can nail the perfect look just by showing one part of your body. If your legs are your best feature, go for a long-sleeved, high-neck mini dress.

If you want to show some cleavage, pick a full-length deep-V design. If you’re not sure of what you’re doing, try revealing less skin, not more. While showing very little skin can make you look stylish, showing too much skin can often come off as trashy.

8. Always Keep a White Fitted Shirt on Hand

One of the most versatile and useful pieces of clothing to have on hand is a white fitted shirt. A white fitted shirt goes with just about any colour or piece of clothing. Whether you’re putting on black shorts, flared pants, or even a swimsuit, a white button-up can make you look stunning. 

woman in white long sleeve

Just remember to take good care of it and replace it when necessary. It is difficult to look sharp and tidy when wearing an off-white shirt.

9. Have No Style Restrictions

Don’t let age or numbers stop you from experimenting. In the fashion world, you can be sixty and still rock a pair of boyfriend jeans perfectly. Explore new trends and try out any piece that catches your eye. See something that is a bit different from what you rock? Try it out.


Staying up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, among others, is the best way to remain fashionable. You should not be afraid to try out new looks as that is the best way to remain in vogue. Use the nine fashion tips for ladies we have shared above to stand out every time. 

At Accessorite Nigeria, we have the perfect accessories to improve your fashion style now. Head over to our shop and pick out your missing piece!

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