Antiblue Light Glasses in Nigeria – A Must-Have Accessory

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Antiblue light glasses in Nigeria is a trend that is here to stay! Nowadays, most people spend a large part of their day watching screens for various purposes. Online time is now a big part of our lives from surfing the web, reading news, or even working. However, these long screen times have harmful effects as these screens emit unnatural blue light, which damages eyesight. Stats show that 7 in every 10 adults suffer from device-related eye strain after two hours of screen time. Hence, the need for more people to protect their eyes with anti-blue light glasses. 

While these glasses are trendy fashion items, they also offer numerous benefits to you. Some are eye protection, better sleep, reduced eye discomfort, and headaches. With them, you can now enjoy longer digital time without worrying about computer vision syndrome.  

Benefits of Anti-Blue Light Glasses

Wearing blue-light-blocking glasses while working on your computer isn’t just a fad; they are important to the health of your eyes. Here are a few benefits.

It helps to improve your sleep pattern.

A common complaint among people who are overexposed to blue rays is that they have trouble sleeping. Studies have revealed that short wavelengths like blue light delay melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep. So, if you spend some time in front of the screen before going to bed, there’s a possibility that getting sleepy may be challenging.

Using anti-blue light glasses reduces the impact of blue light and helps you sleep better.

Reduces Eye Strain

Staring at a screen for extended periods might induce stress. Over time, you might begin to feel eye and muscle strain from staring at a screen all day. To reduce this strain on your eyes, use anti-blue light glasses that block light intensity and give your eyes comfort.

Also, blue light makes focusing on the screen quite difficult. You have to strain your eyes on the screen to focus on what’s on it. Using blue light blocking glasses reduces light intensity and eases the strain on your eyes.

Lesser Headaches

Prolonged exposure to bright light, including blue light, usually triggers migraines and headaches. Computer glasses block out the intensity of the light and help reduce eye strain.

Headaches are also associated with eye strain. With blue light glasses, your exposure decreases. Hence, headaches occur less frequently.

Are Anti-Glare and Anti-Blue Light the Same?

While both perform similar functions, they have some differences. Also, the usage purpose for each one differs as well. Below is a table showing the differences between the two.

Anti-Blue Light GlassesAnti-Glare Glasses
1. Anti-blue light glasses contain a special coating on the exterior of their lenses that stops blue rays from your computer monitor and LED screens from affecting your eyes directly.Anti-glare glasses have an anti-reflective coat on the exterior of their lens that light from reflecting on the eyes.  
2. Computer glasses are for long sessions in front of a screen.Mostly, people use anti-glare glasses mainly for night driving.
3. Blue light blocking glasses shields the eyes from blue rays and help sleep deprivation.Anti-glare glasses guard the eyes against the effects of excessive light and enhance clearer vision.  
4. A significant feature that anti-blue light glasses have over anti-glare glasses is that it has anti-glare properties and can work effectively for anti-glare purposes.Anti-glare glasses can’t prevent blue rays from entering and affecting the eyes.  

The only similarity between the two glasses is that they both have an anti-reflective coating that prevents excessive light from passing through.

Where to Buy Antiblue Light Glasses in Nigeria?

You can choose to either purchase your antiblue light glasses in Nigeria online or offline. Across the nation, there are many optical stores that stock various frame types. However, ensure that the glasses come from verifiable sources. Buying a fake does more harm than good as it adds more strain to the eye. 

Accessorite Nigeria is your most accessible way to get a range of authentic and affordable antiblue light glasses in Nigeria. We offer massive discounts on all products, a plethora of choices to pick from, and delivery to all parts of Nigeria.

Some of the blue light blocking glasses we have in stock include the

100° Foldable Anti Blue Light Glasses Frame
blue floral ladies reading eyeglasses
Ultraclear Anti Blue Light Eyeglasses Frame

Other anti-blue light glasses in stock are:

Olive Green Treasure Anti Blue Light Glasses Frame
Black semi round Anti Blue Light computer glasses
Red and black frame round antiblue light unisex eyeglasses

These glasses are suitable for both genders.

Everything you buy at Accessorite is promptly shipped to you wherever you are in Nigeria. If you are considering getting blue light-blocking glasses for yourself or a loved one, our store has everything you need. Find our full list of Glasses Frames here.


The harmful effects of blue light rays on the eye are no joke. For this reason, it is important to protect your eyes now by using blue light blocking glasses. These glasses protect your eyesight from damage overtime.

Now you can work and watch screens with anti-blue light glasses without experiencing any side effects. Have you used blue light blocking glasses before? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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