Unique Gift Ideas in Nigeria

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Getting the ideal gift for yourself or that loved one in Nigeria can be stressful. This task is made even more difficult when your job or career doesn’t afford you the time to browse through shops and peruse different products before deciding on the perfect gift. What about online shopping? Only a few online stores in Nigeria offer a wide range of products that excite the senses and assure you that you are getting something unique yet excellent.

Some gift ideas in Nigeria you can get for yourself or a loved one (male or female) are:

  • Wristwatches
  • Concert Tickets
  • Gadgets
  • Jewelry
  • Customised Gift Boxes.

Giving a gift is always a lovely feeling especially when appreciated by the receiving party. Here, we have listed out the best gifts that will make the recipient feel special. 

Gift Ideas in Nigeria for Him

Are you thinking of getting your husband, boyfriend, or partner a special present? These are some gift ideas for the Nigerian man that we are sure he’ll appreciate.

Customised Gift Box

First on our list is the gift box. We choose this because it is easily adjustable to fit his taste and needs. You could curate a box containing a few of the things he loves. Examples are a bottle of his favorite wine, a jar of perfume, a music playlist, cookies, or chocolate.

Another upside is that it is budget-friendly. With a gift box, you buy things within your budget range, making you stress less about funds. Are you planning to make a large impression on your man? A gift box is an excellent way to do that. 


Nothing says luxury and class like a wristwatch. A wristwatch doesn’t just tell time, whether it’s a leather, gold, or silver strap. It proclaims the wearer as a lover of good things. There’s no way you could go wrong if you get the man in your life a wristwatch.

With the advent of smartwatches, getting a watch makes more sense. If he’s an on-the-move type of guy, get him a rubber strap LED watch. If you are thinking of where to get him a watch, Accessorite Nigeria stocks classy and everyday watches for men.

A Personalized Photograph Frame

Photographs keep special memories forever. Getting your man a customised picture to mark a particular memory is a great gift idea. There are places where you can get unique photograph frames, like a rotating cube photo frame or one in the shape of a Ferris wheel.

To make the frames even memorable, include a photograph of both you or special events in his life.

2-Side Bomber Jackets

WeBuyBlack > Men's Clothing > Men's Ankara Bomber Jacket

Ankara Bomber Jackets

Another ideal gift is a two-sided bomber jacket. To make it even more unique, you can order one with one of the sides in Ankara. That way, your man can wow in both classic and native fabrics. Almost every young and trendy man loves a good bomber jacket. It’s a fashion item that never goes out of style.

Gaming Console

Men love games. Information from Limelight shows that the average man plays video games for at least eight hours every week.

By buying your man a gaming console, you give him something that holds a special meaning to him. You need not worry about the game taking away his attention, as you both can play together, promoting bonding. 

Gift Ideas in Nigeria for Her

We have gone through some unique gift ideas for men. Now it’s time to see some unique gifts you can get for the remarkable women in your life.

Concert Tickets

One of the best gifts you can give your woman is to experience her favourite musician performing live in a concert. To even make it more memorable, you could get VIP tickets if you can afford them. To heighten the suspense, make it a surprise. Don’t tell her about it until you arrive at the venue.

Special Video from her Favourite Celebrity 

Does your woman have a celebrity crush she likes? Well, it’s time to get her a personal video from them. How? Cameo.com offers you a personalised video from your favourite stars.

From your television stars, pop singers, radio presenters can all be found here. However, this gift comes at a cost depending on the celebrity involved. 

Shiny Jewellery

There’s no way you can go wrong with jewellery. Simple yet thoughtful ones are a simple necklace with a customised pendant, a charm bracelet, or a ring with a special message for her. All these are beautiful gifts that your woman would appreciate.

Comfy Pyjamas

Obaa Short Sleeve Onesie by afrosleepworld - Women's Pajamas - Afrikrea

Comfy Pyjamas

Do you want her to go to bed feeling comfy yet sexy? Why don’t you get that woman comfortable pyjamas? A vest and shorts made of breathable fabric for those hot and humid nights. Getting suitable material is vital here. Keep in mind the Nigerian climate before making a decision.

Ankara or Customized Throw Pillows

Buy Throw Ankara Pillow For Bedroom And Sitting Room , Ankara Fibre Pillow  in Nigeria - Rehmie.com.ng

Ankara throw pillows

Getting her a throw pillow with her favourite quote or the lyrics to her favourite song is a unique gift that she will appreciate. If you don’t want to go that route, why don’t you get her a colourful throw pillow made with Ankara fabric? It is not only one of a kind, but she is sure to remember you whenever she uses it. 

Fashion Items – Bags, Shoes, and Bags.

Just like with men, gifting your girlfriend or wife a wristwatch can be a classy gift. If you aren’t sure where to get ladies’ wristwatches in Nigeria, why don’t you check out this collection of women’s watches from Accessorite Nigeria?

Another unique idea is getting her a pair of shoes and a matching bag. There’s rarely any woman who doesn’t love shoes, or bags, or both. Several shoe and bag makers in Nigeria can make quality shoes and bags that your woman will appreciate. Look them up and give her the unique gift of a shoe and purse in her favourite colour.


Choosing the perfect present for your loved one is not as hard as it looks. There is a wide plethora of unique gift ideas in Nigeria to choose from. You can also get them a personalised gift box containing items they love, customised t-shirts, or perfume. That way, you show your loved ones how much they mean to you.

No matter what you decide to get, what matters most is that you know your loved ones and their tastes. The key is not to get the most expensive gift, but the gift that will resonate the most in their hearts.

Do you have more gift ideas to share with us? Let us know in the comment section below.

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