Wristwatches for Men – A Complete Guide

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From time immemorial, wristwatches for men symbolized many things: a fashion statement, prestige, social status, personal style, and more. Little wonder Basketball Legend Kobe Bryant said, “Everyone looks at your watch, and it represents who you are.””

Today, one cannot undermine the importance of having a men’s watch. However, there are countless choices on the market today, which make choosing one difficult. That is why we at Accessorite Nigeria took the time to compile the best men’s wristwatches in Nigeria. Each watch was checked for its style, material, cost, and brand. Surely, they are guaranteed to meet your everyday need.

What to look for in a Good Men’s Watch?

Our taste for wristwatches varies from person to person; we all have different tastes in style and design. However, there is a general requirement that we should look out for when we want to get a new timepiece, they include;

  • Style
  • Brand
  • Movement Type
  • Water resistance
  • Material


Your watch should complement your style in both accuracy and prestige. Before purchasing, assess your look to see if you want something dressy or casual, classic or modern.

If possible, try on any friends’ or coworkers’ watches to get a better sense of size, materials, and different watch styles (I.e., diver, chronograph, sport, dress, etc.).


The brand reputation is a big deal when choosing a wristwatch—similar to the car industry. It does not matter how the watch looks; the producer’s badge goes a long way to determine its quality. However, you don’t have to go after popular brands constantly; there are several under-the-radar watch brands with a good reputation in the market. 


When we talk about the movement for wristwatches, we talk about the watch functionality. They come in three forms; quartz, automatic, and mechanical. 

Quartz movement is the most commonly used in watches; they use the battery to keep the watch functional —a standard quartz battery lasts up to two years. Although associated with a cheap wristwatch, quartz is the most accurate. It winds automatically by harnessing the kinetic energy of the users’ wrist motion, while mechanical watches are the older model. 

Water Resistance 

Water resistance is one requirement people look out for before buying a wristwatch. Many watches claim to be water-resistant; this claim is not always valid. If your watch is labelled 30 minutes water-resistant, it is not water-resistant. You can only bathe or swim with your watch if it has 50 meters of water resistance or more.

Strap Material

This little detail is often ignored when choosing wristwatches for men but is very important. The strap material used in building a watch determines several things. For example, leather and steel are some of the most popular options for watches. This is because they are extremely durable and blend in with most outfits. 

What are the best Wristwatches for Men?

Latest Fashionable Men’s Watch 2022 

The latest fashionable men’s watch 2022 is number one on the list for several reasons. First, it is a 3 ATM water-resistant and a perfect fit for all men irrespective of their fashion choice.

There is no occasion you cannot use this watch as it is highly versatile. Whether business, casual or formal events, you switch seamlessly. Are you thinking of an excellent gift idea for a man? This timepiece is your best bet. You can buy the Latest Fashionable Men’s Watch 2022 here.

2022 Quartz Leather Belt Wrist Watch for Men 

Made using a leather strap, the Quartz Leather Wristwatch for Men is an excellent blend of beauty and class. Although simple, this quality watch attracts the right attention and looks good even without an extra accessory. 

The leather material guarantees durability and versatility, two essential features of any watch. This watch is the missing piece of your outfit. Get it here

Geneva Quartz Steel Band Unisex Wrist Watch 

This watch is a classy piece of steal. Made from quality steel, it has a fantastic design making it a great wristwatch for a man. This watch evokes class. The best thing about this watch is that men of all ages can wear it. All this at an affordable price without compromising its overall quality. 

LED Digital Sports Electronic Silicone Smart Watch 

This is a trendy timepiece, especially for lovers of digital watches. LED Digital Sports Smart Watch is a fitness tracker that is perfect if you are big on fitness.  

Also, its many features mean that you are getting a steal. Some features include:

  • Step Count
  • Time
  • Heart Rate
  • Call Reminder
  • Battery Level

You can purchase it here. 

Unisex Watch Multi-Functional Ultra-Thin LED Watch 

LED watches will always be fashionable, but versatility makes them stand out. This unique watch has a great design and fits both genders.

Furthermore, it comes in two options which include: 

  • The latest Ultra-Thin steel chain strap design.
  • Silicone Strap Design 

Whichever option you opt for, it is sure to last you for a very long time. 

What is the price for men’s wristwatches in Nigeria? 

There is always a wristwatch for everybody, irrespective of your pocket size. With only a thousand naira, you can get a timepiece. However, you may have to sacrifice quality.

If you are looking for something classy, you should budget between three thousand naira to fifteen thousand naira.

Visit Accessorite Nigeria’s wristwatches for men section to browse some fantastic options.


Sometimes, watches are unique accessories; they are the missing piece to your fashion jigsaw. Watches are personal pieces, so you should take your time to choose the watch that suits you.

Here at Accessorite Nigeria, our collection of men’s watches is suited to meet every man’s style. We’ve been in the business since 2020 and have delivered ever since. Shop with us today

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