Wristwatches For Ladies – 3 Things You Should Know

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Ladies’ watches are ageless timepieces that have been here for centuries. With a history involving some of the most remarkable women that have walked the earth, wristwatches for ladies have evolved in both style and design. Ladies’ wristwatches have become such that there is always something to catch your fancy, no matter your taste.

Let’s be honest, as a lady, your wardrobe is incomplete without a wristwatch. Some people believe that you should own more than one wristwatch. One for the casual outing, another for business, and another to show your class and elegance. Getting your first wristwatch is an exciting experience. Getting additional expertise is even more exhilarating. Let’s give you some pointers on getting the ideal wristwatch.

Whether your choice is a leather-strapped wristwatch of any colour or a classic wristwatch, we’ve got you covered at Accessorite. Here, we look at what makes a wristwatch tick, some of the latest wristwatches, and how to slay on with wristwatches on a budget. 

What Makes a Good Ladies’ Wristwatch?

Before choosing your wristwatch, you should know what makes ladies’ wristwatches stand out from men’s or unisex watches. All watches aren’t the same, but there are some things the great ones have in common that stand them out. Here are some of the things that make an excellent wristwatch?


Ladies’ wristwatches shouldn’t just tell time; they should tell everyone else a wearer is a person of style. The first thing a lady’s wristwatch should do is evoke class and style.


Versatility is one of the keys to beauty. Ladies’ watches should be versatile, go well with a range of colours, dress styles, and occasions. 


 When it comes to watches, one thing you shouldn’t compromise on is comfort from the strap to the main dial. It might be a minor detail, yet so essential.

Good Fit

You should look chic and fit while rocking your watch as a lady. 

What are the Best Wristwatches for Ladies?

The answer to this is relative. However, here are some options you can consider when searching for the latest women’s wristwatches.

Trendy Square Ladies’ Watch Women’s Quartz Watch 

This wristwatch is perfect for your everyday use. Its design combines style and casualness in a unique yet beautiful mix. Apart from the beautiful style the watch evokes, its adjustable band also offers comfort to the wearer.

The Trendy Square watch has a glass surface, is lightweight (weighs in at seventeen grams), and comes with a luminous dial that allows you to tell the time no matter how dark it is.

In addition, we at Accessorite give you the option of adding a personal note to the wristwatch when delivering it to you at no extra cost.

description of square ladies watch

Anova Retro Rectangular Luxury Women’s Watch

The Anova is one of the best ladies’ wristwatches on our list. We dare say that the wristwatch is one of the best ladies’ watches anywhere. For one, its stylish design can never go out of fashion.

Also, despite its elegant design, the Anova Retro effortlessly combines with other accessories you might decide to complement the watch, creating a blend of style and beauty.

Apart from the watch’s style, its lightweight also gives the wearer comfort, plus it has been proven to be durable.

The Anova Retro comes in two colours; the black leather strap with a green dial and the brown leather strap with a brown dial.

Rectangular Luxury Women's Watch colour black with a green dial

Non-Tarnish Silicon Fashion Watch for Ladies 

There’s only one word that adequately describes the non-tarnish silicon watch; elegance. Made from silicon known for its durability and ability to retain both its shine and colour, the fashion watch is the watch for all occasions.

There’s more. Despite dripping elegance, the watch comes relatively cheap. We are making it the perfect blend of elegance and pricing.

Wristwatches for ladies non tarnish watch

Diamond Quartz Leather Women’s Wristwatch 

Diamond quartz leather women’s wristwatch is an actual twenty-four watch, fitting for the office and a casual hangout with friends after work. Shaped like a diamond, the watch looks like something created with you in mind.

Brown Leather Women's Wrist Watch with Quartz movement

Rhinestone Sky Leather Wristwatch for Ladies 

This watch is the ultimate wristwatch. It offers variety, versatility, durability, elegance, and sophistication. Rhinestones have a quartz movement that measures time and allow you to tell the date. Its IP plated cases don’t fade, and the watch comes in both classic and sports designs.

Rhinestone Sky Leather wristwatch is ideal for all occasions and goes well with other accessories.

Rhinestone leather wrist watch for ladies colour black with gold frame

What Is the Price of Ladies’ Wrist Watches in Nigeria?

The good thing about women’s watches in Nigeria is that there is on to fit your needs. For as low as N2999 you can get a beautiful female wristwatch at Accessorite for as low as low as If that doesn’t fall under the category of pocket-friendly price, then we don’t know what is. 

Slay On a Budget!

As a lady who understands the need to feel and look good, you know that having certain accessories are a must. Wristwatches are accessories that set the standards of fashion and taste.

Are you going to an event like a wedding or a date, and picking out the right accessories seems difficult? Do you want to keep it stylish and elegant? Our designer ladies’ watch should be your first pick. They meet every class criterion and stand out on your wrist or when paired with other accessories.

Maybe it’s a regular workday, and you’re dressed casually. The only thing missing will be our signature leather ladies’ watch. Look through our collection and get one today that suits your budget. At Accessorite, we have a wristwatch for you, no matter your budget.


A cursory search through our catalog reveals a few things. Class doesn’t mean boring, you can slay on a budget, and no matter your taste, Accessorite has you covered. All our watches come from high-quality and durable materials that are comfortable, stylish, and long-lasting. 

Now that you know what makes watches tick, why don’t you head to our shop and pick one for yourself? We should give you a heads up, prepare to get blown away.

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