Eye Care – 6 Ways to Take Care of Your Eyes

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The eye is an essential part of the human body. Sadly, most people don’t pay much attention to eye care as they are too busy with their faces and likes. This should not be as it is one of the foremost features of the face. 

Undoubtedly, the eye plays a pivotal role in one’s beauty and fashion. It says a lot about who we are, portrays and holds our emotions, and then lets them out. Most people only care for their eyes when they put on makeup, but there’s more to it. The same energy you give skincare should be put into your eye care. Here, we discuss how to own the most appealing eyes ever, which communicate without you speaking.

Have an Eye Care Routine

 The eye is a very sensitive and exposed part of the human body. Due to this, utmost care must be given to ensure that the eye is working optimally at all times. 

One way to care for the eye is to ensure you get adequate sleep. If your eyes do not get the required rest, it begins to look puffy and saggy with dark circles. This makes you look older, and no one wants that. 

Also, ensure that you drink at least 2 liters of water per day because most of the skin under your eye consists of water. You would need water to keep the eye hydrated. If you are worried about the wrinkles or fine lines around your eyes, you can purchase an eye cream or a moisturizer to reduce them. 

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Use Natural Remedies

Nothing beats the proficiency of natural products as they have a lot of benefits. Unlike artificial remedies that come with side effects and can damage your eye long-term, organic products go hand in hand with your body. 

Some of the natural remedies include:

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has proven to be one of the best natural eye care remedies. You can buy it from big malls or supermarkets or plant it in your home. When grown, you can then harvest and use it.

 Apply two drops on each eye three nights a week to get the best results. The benefits of aloe vera are endless. It helps to reduce redness and gives you clearer and brighter vision.


Cucumber is another great solution. Start by placing the cucumber in the freezer to cool. Next, put the cucumber slices over your eyes for about ten minutes. Once the cucumber slice over your eyes gets warm, rinse your face with cold water. Doing this consistently helps you achieve healthy and appealing eyes. 

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Get a separate eye cream

Unlike body gels, eye creams are specially made for the sensitive skin around your eyes. It would be best to get fragrance-free eye creams as those with fragrance can cause reactions. You can either store it in a refrigerator or a bathroom shelf.

Reduce eye strain

For a greater part of the day, the eye is at work. For this reason, it becomes important to reduce strain on the eyes. Eye exercises are a great way to do this. One exercise is to close your eyes for ten seconds while gently rubbing the area around them. Doing this relaxes the surrounding eye muscles. 

Modern-day devices emit blue light, which increases eye strain. So, if you work for extended periods on screens, you should consider using anti blue light glasses. The use of anti blue light glasses helps filter out blue light and increase contrast on the computer screen, making it easy to focus on the screen. You can get anti blue light glasses in Nigeria here. 

Finally, you can activate the eye comfort shield setting on your appliances. 

Do not rub your eyes

While rubbing our eyes might be tempting, it does more damage than good. You should avoid doing it by using eye drops which help to stop itching and redness. 

If eye drops are unavailable, wash your face with mild soap, and the irritation should go away. 

Avoid getting soap in your eyes

This scenario is not common, but it still happens. While bathing, you should avoid applying soap close to your eye area. Most soap contains chemicals that are unhealthy for the eyes.


The eye is an important feature of the human face. Hence, you must give your eyes proper care to ensure it remains healthy. You can also keep your eyes endearing and pretty by cleaning dirt frequently, plucking and curling your lashes, and shaping your brows. 

Appealing eyes indicate good health. If your eyes are puffy and red, they will not look appealing. Owning an appealing eye is not difficult and has many advantages. So, practice the tips above, and you will love the shine that comes with it.  If you have more tips, kindly leave a comment below and let’s hear your thoughts. 

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